Design and Printing

Design Your Own T-Shirts

Many companies are choosing to utilize a screen printing process for promoting their company and even the products and services of their company. The process is a simple one – the design is applied on a special surface (the garment), which is then exposed to the screen. After the material has been exposed, the colors will be printed automatically by the ink onto the garment.

Screen printing has been used for years, but the technology has been modernized to offer a quality service for most custom apparel printing needs. In the past, screen printers would apply the color and ink through a roller or a press. Modern technologies have resulted in an easier process with the introduction of digital screens, which are capable of processing millions of impressions per minute. This enables screen printers to produce thousands of highly detailed, colorful garments in a fraction of the time it would take traditional printers to do the same job.

A custom apparel printing service from the best print shop Plano, TX can offer customers a number of different options for their custom printed t-shirts. They can choose to have a custom t-shirt printing service apply plastisol printing to their shirts, or they can have the service apply heat transfer printing to their shirts. Customers can also select an imprinting service that applies hot lamination to their shirts, or they can choose a dry mount lamination service for their shirts. Many customers also choose to have their shirts screen printed with silver metal inlays. This option requires the customer to carefully choose the type of ink they want to use – a traditional inkjet ink will not work with many of the metal inlays available today.

Another option for custom apparel printing is called direct-to-garment printing. With this service, the customer does not have to hand wash the garment – all the printing is done using the printer’s digital garment printing machines. The customer simply needs to choose a design for the shirt, and send it to one of the printers closest to them. The printers then take the design and print it on the garment in a matter of minutes.

Digital garment printers are available in many different sizes, types, and speeds. They are generally available for use in home local businesses or larger companies that need a higher volume printing run. Digital garment printers do not require any film to be loaded onto the garment – everything is printed onto the garment as soon as it is dipped into the printing press. Most printing services will allow you to print on colored, textured, or digital garments.

Some printers will only print in full color, others will print in either full color or grayscale, and some will even print in gray. These printers are able to provide a wide range of design choices to the consumer. With digital garment printing, the options are almost unlimited. When looking for a printing service for your next shirt design, take the time to find out what type of services the printer has to offer before choosing the right printer.